The Tan Brush Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and removes residual tan-ning product. It keeps the Tan Brush bristles in optimum condition.

We recommend cleansing the Tan Brush after every use to ensure the highest level of hygiene.
This product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, perfume and fragrance-free.

The Tan Brush Microfiber Cloth is super absorbent and made to trap re-sidual tanning products without leaving any lint on The Tan Brush.

The Tan Brush Cleanser

  • Cleanse The Tan Brush after every use. Hold The Tan Brush in one hand and spritz The Tan Brush Cleanser 5 times onto the surface of brush. Rub the brush vigorously onto The Tan Brush microfibre cloth until the bristles are almost dry. Leave to dry completely before use.

  • How often should I clean The Tan Brush?
    To keep The Tan Brush in optimum condition and maintain the highest level of hygiene, we recommend cleansing with The Tan Brush Cleanser after every use.

    How many times does The Tan Brush Cleanser allow me to clean The Tan Brush?
    This will vary depending on the tanning product you use with the brush. Spritz The Tan Brush Cleanser 5 times directly onto the surface of the brush and rub onto the Microfibre cloth until as dry as possible. Repeat if the brush requires further cleaning, drying with the cloth as much as possible. Leave to dry completely before further use.

    How do I clean the microfiber cloth?
    You can hand wash the microfiber cloth with soap and hot water and leave to dry.

    How often should I clean the cloth?
    Hand wash after every use.