Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT will improve lax, scarred and pigmented areas of the body is a challenge for even the best topical formulations. Now there is a new way to enhance results and improve the overall look and feel of skin. The Body Roll-CIT has a two-headed roller with 0.5mm needles for home use. Painless rolling makes micro-channels in the skin to aid the penetration of active ingredients. Quick, easy needling for large curved surfaces on the torso, arms and legs. Roll skin before applying Derma-Lac Lotion, A, C & E Oil, A, C & E Body Cream or Body Profile.

Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT



    • Promotes collagen production

    • Reduces scarring

    • Softens fine lines & wrinkles

    • Tightens loose skin

    • Using the Cosmetic Roll-CIT�, roll vertically, obliquely and horizontally, covering the entire area targeted for treatment, for approximately 3 minutes.
    • Apply recommended Environ moisturiser or treatment product after rolling.
    • If the skin feels sensitive after a treatment, do not repeat until the skin feels comfortable.
    • Start by rolling twice a week and slowly progress to daily treatments.
    • Use as part of your evening regime to ensure that sunscreen ingredients don't irritate the skin.
    • This product should be used on the upper and lower eyelids with caution.
    • Only to be used by those who have already acclimatised to AVST 2 or C-Quence 2.
    • This product can also be used on the body for scarring, stretch marks and lax skin.
    • The instrument can be cleaned with warm water after every treatment and with Tea Tree Solution

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