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Terms & Conditions

A booking deposit of £50 per person is required to reserve accommodation (non-refundable or transferable). Balance of booking is payable on arrival in cash only.

£25pp deposit is required for day spa packages (non refundable or transferable) with remaining balance due on arrival. If your numbers drop (day or overnight packages) deposits of those not attending will be lost. 48 hours notice is required to reschedule a day package booking.

A booking in not confirmed until payment of deposit is confirmed by guest. Although your date/time is available at time of payment details being sent, we cannot guarantee this will not be booked by another guest if there is a delay in sending deposits. We cannot hold a date without deposit. Please follow instructions on payment message and ensure you confirm when payment has been sent.

30 days notice is required to change a date. If 30 days notice is provided your date can be moved for up to 1 year. If 30 days notice is not provided deposits may be lost. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation of booking. If cancelled within 30 days we will try to resell your booking and if successful date can be rescheduled for up to 1 year.

As organiser you are responsible for any and all final charges including cancellations and damages.


Maximum persons must not exceed number booked for.


All visitors on site (entertainment providers or additional guests), must be cleared with management and any additional charges for additional guests paid.


A security deposit is required in cash upon check in (overnight guests only). This is £300 for our Main House and £100 for all other accommodations.


Guests are expected to leave accommodations tidy, the cost of repairs to, or replacement of, property (including the on site facilities i.e. hot tubs/party room etc) will be the responsibility of the lead guest and, if appropriate, the guest will lose all/ part of the security deposit. In Main House and Gatelodge Cottage dishes should be loaded into dishwasher and rubbish placed in bins provided. In our glamping options dishes should be placed in boxes provided. Cash deposits will be returned the following morning after accommodation inspection. Hot tub cover must be closed when hot tub is not in use. If left open overnight this may result in loss of security deposit as drop in temperature will mean following nights guest will not be able to use this.

We operate a strict no smoking policy within our accommodations and hot tubs. Any evidence of smoking in these areas will result in loss of deposit. Please smoke outside using ashtrays provided. Any evidence of drug use will be reported to the PSNI.


Should the guest have to be spoken to on more than 1 occasions regarding inappropriate noise or disturbances to other residents this may affect your security deposit.

An emergency phone number will be provided with your welcome pack. If you have any issues during your stay this will be the point of contact. Our social medias are not manned overnight so any messages sent will not be picked up until the next day.


Check in details, including check in/out time will be sent 1 week prior to your stay. Check in times must be adhered to unless previously agreed. Late arrival which hasn’t been agreed to may result in loss of treatment times or in some circumstances refusal of entry if check in staff have finished for the day. These times are subject to change in the case of any unavoidable work on electricity or water supply by NIE or NI Water which is out of our hands. We will provide as much notice as possible if this is the case.


No fake tan is to be worn in hot tubs. No food is to be consumed in hot tubs. Please consult your doctor before using hot tub if you are pregnant or suffering from any medical condition. Our hot tub chemical levels are tested regularly by our maintenance staff, we cannot be held liable for any skin reactions in guests with a chlorine sensitivity.

COVID-19 Policy

if the event of a positive COVID test we ask for both an image of the lateral flow test as well as an NHS text message confirming result with name of guest. If this can be provided, we can move the booking for up to 1 year. For group bookings in our Main House, the deposit of the affected guest will be returned to them on a gift voucher valid for one year. This policy is under review and is subject to change.

Accommodation Specific Terms & Conditions


Main House

Minimum group size for our Main House is 6 guests midweek, 8 guests on Friday and 10 guests on Saturday unless otherwise agreed with management. Overnight use is exclusive to you and your party from 6pm however guests should be aware that staff will have access to kitchen facilities for preparation of cocktails etc. While we appreciate our Main House is the perfect location for a celebration, we do ask that guests follow advice on noise levels provided by check in staff to ensure guests in all accommodations enjoy their stay. Cut off time for outdoor hot tub use is 10:30pm and Party Room is 1am to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests. Any noise complaints from other guests after this time will be subject to security deposit loss terms as stated above.



Minimum group size for our glamping is 2 guests unless otherwise agreed with management. Although all efforts are taken to ensure our glamping accommodations are bug-free we remind guests that due to the nature of glamping, the occasional insect can make its way in. In the case of extreme weather conditions, unavoidable cancellations/rescheduling of booking may occur for your safety. Our glamping accommodations do not have toilets/showers within them but all accommodations have a private toilet and shower a short walk away. If you have any questions regarding bathroom facilities our team will be happy to discuss accommodation specific facilities with you at time of booking.

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