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Our Story

The Secret Gate Lodge guards the entry to The Secret Escape The Original Lodge was build to house the staff for Rosnashane house & has been updated many times to the building it is today. In later years it was the gamekeepers cottage & this is reflected in the entrance to this little Tardis.

With 3 beautiful bedrooms, accommodating up to 5 guests, a fully equipped kitchen, luxury bathroom with walk-in shower & full sized bath. A beauty & treatment room, plus of course our signature private hot tub tucked away in the barn. The living room comes complete with flat screen TV, DVD’s & Karaoke. What’s not to love, simply slip on your onesie, let us order in Chinese & you have the perfect affordable overnight escape.

Feeling energetic take a wander down the drive to the main house, feeding the squirrels as you go or across the fields, with a stunning view to the Sperrin mountains & beyond. & Subject to availability, feel free to make use of one of the over-sized hot tubs in the main grounds.

Remember we are not licensed so please feel free to bring your own food & drink.

Guidelines for Hot Tub:

(The hot tub is a machine & as such from time to time, may break down, just like us. On the very rare occasion that this may happen, we will give you as much notice as possible & of course a full refund on the hot tub. (NB refund on hot tub only)

The hot tub is suitable to enjoy all year round & sits a constant 38-40 degrees….So even in the snow you can lie back & enjoy.It is advised that you use the hot tub for a maximum of 45 minutes at any one time & allow at least an hour before returning to the hot tub. We will endeavor to ensure the hot tub is for sole use of you & your guests during your stay. You will be shown that the hot tub is perfectly clean on arrival & both the hot tub & surrounding area, are subject to inspection prior to check out. Any damage, litter or contamination of the water, (no matter how small) will result in an additional £200 service charge being added to your final bill. If the following guest/guests are unable to use the hot tub, as a result of your lack of consideration, the £200 plus the full cost of their visit will be added to you bill. This is NON NEGOTIABLE & the lead guest (ie the person who made the booking) is fully accountable for any & all final settlements.
This includes broken glass around the hot tub & surrounding area, general rubbish & debris including cigarette buts & burns. Ash trays are provided please use If the guest following you are unable to use the hot tub for any reason; There is an additional charge that covers all costs of their return stay at the property.

There is strictly NO GLASS…SMOKING OR FOOD Permitted in or around the hot tub area. Guests abusing these rules will be asked to leave the property & pay the minimum charge of £200 There are no exceptions

Strictly no entry to the hot tub for all of the following reasons:

Pregnancy/Blood Pressure or under doctor’s care/advice

(please seek your doctors advice before entering the hot tub for any of the above)

For a minimum of 2 hours after treatments, as the oils used will soil the water & eradicate the benefits to your skin. If you are wearing fake tan or shimmer, even if only on legs or arms, this will soil the water

If you have or are recovering from a verukka, unless your foot is completely clear you may not enter the hot tub, should you do we will immediately empty the hot tub & a min charge of £200-max £500 will be levied.

If you are under 16, (with-out express permission, from both the owners & parent/guardian)

If you are under the influence of Drugs or alcohol

Please show consideration for fellow guests, neighbours in the evening/night by keep noise to a reasonable level, with no amplified music externally after 10:30 pm

Please take care whilst entering & exiting the hot tubs, as we accept no liabilities, for injury trips or falls

Please note the hot tub cover must be firmly & securely in place at ALL TIME’S when not in use & temperature controls must not be manually adjusted under any circumstances

If at check out we are unable to use the hot tub (for any reason) on the same day.

Then the £200 charge applies, plus all additional cost for following guests.

If you are uncertain of how to operate or correctly remove or replace the hot tub cover, please ask a member of the team to assist.

The hot tub is fantastic addition to your stay, however they are very expensive to purchase, maintain & run; So please show the same respect & courtesy to following guests that you would desire & expect yourself. We want you to enjoy the benefits & privacy of the hot-tub & thank you in advance for your co-operation.

The Secret Gate Lodge....shhhh Don’t tell anyone!!

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